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【联防联控江西在行动】8 more novel coronavirus-infected patients cured in Jiangxi

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  NANCHANG, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- East China’s Jiangxi Province reported 59 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection,and eight were discharged from hospital after recovery on Feb. 2, according to the Health Commission of Jiangxi Province Monday.   Among the new confirmed cases, the provincial capital Nanchang reported 14. Others include 13 in Shangrao city, nine in Jiujiang city, seven in Xinyu city, five in each of Yichun and Fuzhou city, three in Pingxiang city, two in Ganzhou city and one in Ji’an city.

  As for the newly-cured patients on Sunday, both Nanchang and Shangrao city saw three people walk out of the hospital after recovery, and Jiujiang city t two.

  By the end of Sunday, the total number of confirmed cases in the province rose to 391 (including one in Ganzhou city subtracted after being checked by the state), 34 of which were in severe or critical condition, and 18 people were discharged from hospitals after recovery.

  Of the total 391 confirmed cases, 103 were in Nanchang, 64 in Jiujiang, 50 in Xinyu, 36 in Yichun, 35 in Ganzhou, 32 in Shangrao, 29 in Fuzhou, 18 in Pingxiang, 13 in Ji 'an, eight in Yingtan and three in Jingdezhen.

  As for the cured in total, both Nanchang and Shangrao saw four patients recovered. Others include three in Xinyu, two in Jiujiang, and one in each of the cities of Jingdezhen, Pingxiang, Ganzhou, Yichun and Ji 'an.

  The commission said that currently a total of 10,477 close contacts had been traced, adding that among them, 1,174 were discharged from medical observation, with 9,303 others still under medical observation.

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  新华社南昌2月3日电(记者高皓亮)江西省卫健委通报,2020年2月2日0-24时,江西省报告新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎新增确诊病例59例,新增治愈出院病例8例。   新增确诊病例中,南昌市14例、上饶市13例、九江市9例、新余市7例、宜春市5例、抚州市5例、萍乡市3例、赣州市2例、吉安市1例。新增治愈出院病例中,南昌市3例、上饶市3例、九江市2例。